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YQB-6 Hydraulic Track Lifting and Lining Machine for railway project and turnout

YQB-6 Hydraulic Track Lifting and Lining Machine for railway project and turnout

YQB-6 Hydraulic Track Lifting and Lining Machine for railway project and turnout

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Simple Introduction:

YQB-6 Hydraulic Track Lifting and Lining Machine is a special machine used for starting and dialing track of 43-75 kg/m rail line with a distance of 1435 mm (when used for 75 kg/m rail line, the corresponding rail hook should be replaced) and operated under the condition of blocking the track. The machine is equipped with running gear and can be carried out on rail. There are insulation devices in the hook rail, the running and the lower road, which do not affect the line signal during operation. Equipped with lower frame, no entry limit after next road.


The general structure of YQB-6 hydraulic pull-up track machine adopts gate structure. The fulcrum of the pull-up track cylinder is inside the track, and the double rail hook synchronously hooks the inner and outer rail jaws. By increasing the tilting cylinder, the lifting cylinder can be deflected to a certain angle to achieve the function of track. The two sides of the frame are equipped with wheel type running device, and both sides of the frame are provided with a lower road device. YQB-6 hydraulic starting and dialing machine is mainly composed of frame, starting and dialing mechanism, rail hooking mechanism, running mechanism, power device, hydraulic control system and other components, and is equipped with undercarriage. YQB-6 hydraulic start-up and dial machine is powered by small gasoline engine, driven by belt drive hydraulic pump to supply oil, through the control of multi-way reversing valve to transfer oil to the working cylinder, drive the working mechanism to complete the track, take-off, dial-up and running lifting and other actions.



Technical Parameter:


Engine rated power: 8.6 kW


System pressure: 16 MPa


The maximum Track Lifting force: 125 kN x 2


Maximum lining force: 110 kN


Starting stroke Oil cylinder stroke: 820 + 5 mm


The maximum lift height: 400 mm.


Maximum dial: 150mm


Dial up from 1:0.5~1:0.8

Maximum inclination angle of the lifting cylinder :30 degrees (with the angle of the horizontal plane).


The insulation resistance between rail hook and rack, frame and traveling wheel: > 1 M ohm.


The outline size (length * width * height) : 2000 mm * 1100 mm * 1270 mm.


The net weight of the main engine : 470 kg.


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