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XYD-2N type Hydraulic Tamping machine

XYD-2N type Hydraulic Tamping machine

XYD-2N type Hydraulic Tamping machine

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Detailed Product Description

XYD-2N Hydraulic Tamping Machine


Simple Introduction:

It is a special machine for tamping subpillow track of railway line and a small machine for tamping railway line except turnout. It has compact structure, high efficiency, good tamping quality and easy maintenance, and can run up and down the road at any time. It also has safety devices such as hand pressure pump, clamp rail clamp, safety pin and so on.



The whole machine adopts double lift cylinder without guide column.


The engine is powered by gasoline engines. Large power, fewer faults, low noise, waste emissions and noise to meet the European No. 2 environmental standards, low noise, reduce health hazards to workers, and environmental pollution.


Use new seal to reduce internal and external leakage of hydraulic system and hydraulic system failure.


The new open patented frame is adopted to reduce the temperature rise of the bearing and prolong the service life of the frame and bearing. A guide plate is added to the walking frame to prevent the road from being dropped.


The exciting force is large, the clamping force is strong and the insertion force is large. Compared with the original XYD-2A series hydraulic tamping machine, the operation efficiency is increased by 40%, the tamping quality is good, the structure is compact, the whole machine is light, safe to use and easy to maintain. There are fewer failures in the operation, which reduces the use cost.


The machine can only be used for P75 rail line operation only by replacing the special clamp rail clamp of P75 rail.


Model unification. The machine can tamp 43-75 kg/m rails, various sleepers and railway lines with a gauge of 1000-1626 m m by replacing the lower pick, clamping cylinder and clamping rail clamp.


Technical Parameter:

Power rate: Petrol Machine 8.5KW

Vibration Frequency: 60-70Hz

Excitation force: ≥ 21.6 KN

Maximum strength: (2 * 6.73, 2 x 8.2kN)

Maximum maximum insertion force: 18.6KN

Operational efficiency: 300-350 pcs / hour *group.

Depth of insertion: (below of concrete sleeper) : (90-120mm)

Working pressure of hydraulic system : 6 MPa

Petrol engine fuel: 90# or up gasoline.

Petrol engine lubricants: SAE10W-30 SG lubricants.

Hydraulic oil: N22 or N32 machine oil.

Whole Machine quantity: 370kg

The dimensions (length * width * height): 1480 * 762 x 1680 (mm)


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